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Artoday was an art studio founded in 1996 by Enders Wong which provides children with the highest level of professional art education. Wide ranges of art and music classes are provided to both children and adults at Artoday. With a fully equipped pottery workshop, a few spacious studios, a gallery and experienced instructors, students are in the best environment to develop their artistic skills.

enders wong

- 香港中文大學藝術文學碩士

- 香港中文大學藝術文學士

- 2018香港茶具文物館茶具陶藝比賽亞軍及優秀獎

- 2014荷蘭梵高博物館頒發最佳導師獎

- 2013香港茶具文物館茶具陶藝比賽冠軍

- 2010香港茶具文物館茶具陶藝比賽優秀獎

- 2007香港茶具文物館茶具陶藝比賽新秀獎

- 作品獲廣泛推崇及收藏

Enders graduated from Chinese University Hong Kong with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in 1995 and gained his M.A. degree in 2015. As a frequent receiver of awards presented by the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, Wong won the first prize in 2013 and the 1st-Runner-up in 2018 of the Open Category in the “Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters” competition. He is skilled and knowledgeable in oil painting and ceramic creations. Wong’s works are widely collected by local and overseas collectors. In 2016, he founded Touch Ceramics and has curated over 20 contemporary ceramic art exhibitions with local and international artists.

- 國際聯校音樂大賽 評判
- 世界演藝舞蹈及音樂公開大賽 評判
- 香港國際青少年表演藝術節 嘉賓評判
-  (臺灣)亞洲愛琴海鋼琴大賽 客席評判
- 國際青年文化藝術節 客席評判
- 全港青少年鋼琴大賽 客席評判
- 香港中文大學音樂文學碩士
- 英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴演奏執業文憑(LRSM)
- 英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴演奏文憑(DipABRSM)
- 香港中文大學婦女健康理學碩士
- 加拿大西門菲沙大學婦女研究及音樂學士
- TESOL 國際英語教學證照持有人

Joanna Sum received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University, Canada, under the tutorship of renowned musicians and educators Arne Eigenfeldt, Martin Gotfrit and Owen Underhill. 


While she was in Canada, she was very active as a marimba player as well as a member of a Javanese music group called Gamelan Madu Sari directed by Sutrisno Hartana. She was even invited by Hartana to be one of the players in a Gamelan orchestra named Vancouver Community Gamelan Society and performed in various cities. 


Joanna then returned to Hong Kong and further pursued her music study in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and was awarded a Master of Arts in Music degree. She has also broadened her music education by studying with great music educators like Jeremy Carter and Robert Langston, and has been awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music a Licentiate (LRSM) in piano performance. She has taught numerous students over the past years and maintains a 100% success rate in preparing students for competitions and exams.

Besides music teaching, Joanna is also active in adjudicating various music competitions, such as Hong Kong International Youth Performance Arts Festival and Inter-School International Performance Challenge.

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