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年齡 Age:6+​ and adults

課程教授手捏,拉坯及陶藝創作的技巧, 啓啟發學生的創意,培養對陶瓷藝術的興趣,所有作品將作高溫素燒及釉燒。課程分為初班,中班及成人班。

This course teaches students the basic techniques of ceramics, such as how to mold the clay, make cups, and will inspire and spark creativity (and interest in pottery) in young students.






Having received several awards by the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware, Enders Wong is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in both making and teaching ceramics and pottery. Pottery classes can provide you a wonderful learning experience of exploring the basics of ceramics, under professional guidance from tutors. Students are encouraged to create their own pieces under a relaxing yet supportive atmosphere.

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