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Junior Artists

年齡 Age:3-6

一個結合繪畫,陶瓷,水墨及立體創作的多元藝術課程。 透過新穎有趣的藝術課題,引發孩子盡情發揮無限的創意潛能,通過多元化繪畫及創作技巧, 啟發他們多方面思考,培養敏銳的觀察力和對藝術的興趣, 從而能持續及自發地創作具個性和情感的作品。

The research results of many Children Education Specialists, children are very responsive towards their environment and are highly capable of transforming such experiences into inspiration. Through learning art, they can build up their eye-hand coordination and they will be able to master the skills of using lines and forms to express themselves. Learning to draw will develop their creative mind and imagination.





綜合藝術班 Kindergarten


Techniques Drawing

年齡 Age:6-12

課程主要教授素描、木顏色、廣告彩、水彩、塑膠彩等繪畫技巧, 使其明白不同物料之特性及繪畫時所產生的效果。 本課程協助學生不定期參加比賽,並取得優異成績。 透過藝術理論、欣賞、歷史文化等為學員提供全面之引導。

In this course, children will learn to use different mediums such as watercolor, acrylic paint, oil pastel, etc to create art. They will learn to master the different skills required for each different medium. Art and design theories will also be taught to build up a solid foundation and hence they can easily express their ideas and creativity through their own artwork. 






綜合繪畫班 Kids


Visual Art

年齡 Age:9-12

此課程根據教育局指引所編排, 加強學生在素描、繪畫、設計等方面的技巧, 深化學生在視藝科上的知識,協助學生取得佳績。


This course is suitable for students from primary 3 to primary 6 preparing for the Visual Art exam. The course is designed to help students build their skills in drawing and in creating in
three dimensions through perspective, treatment of light and shades, colour theory and art theories. It emphasizes on guiding students by intriguing their creativity and hence developing their personal style.



小學視藝精進班 Primary Exam


Drawing & Oil Painting

年齡 Age:12+

按照學生的程度及興趣,深入淺出地教授素描及油畫的基本技巧, 包括點線面、構圖、透視、色彩運用、光源變化及筆觸處理等。 透過鑑賞不同風格的油畫以創作為本臨摹為副,引導學生創作具有個人風格的油畫作品。

Students will be taught all the skills in western painting, from controlling brushstrokes to applying skills to using paints to achieve certain effects. In this class, the student will be trained to have an observant eye and to develop creative thinking. Ultimately leading to the development of personal style and an unique way of expression through their paintings.








香港中學文憑班 /國際文憑大學預科課程


年齡 Age:16+

- 針對新高中文憑試而設
- 主要教授學生繪畫及設計技法、藝術賞析及概念等主要考試元素
- 提供創作方案, 協助學生完成作品集, 使學生在考試中取得優異的成績

Techniques including drawing, pottery and 3D creation will be introduced; and unique style will be built.
- Arts portfolios will be produced for entering worldwide       

  universities or renewed design and art colleges.
- Recommendation letters will also be provided for outstanding










年齡 Age:18+


- 開辦油畫及陶藝課程
- 培養長遠的興趣,陶冶性情
- 引導學生發展其藝術修為,建立個人風格

This art class is for mature students of any ability, where they can enjoy designing their unique ceramics works, and oil painting of their own creation.







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